1. INVENTIONS No. 5 and No. 6 for the piano
from Evolving Cycle of Two-Part Modal Inventions for Piano (1964)  7:50
Eric Huebner, piano

2. VOICES WITHIN for solo violin (1989)  11:45
Vesselin Gellev, violin

3. SONATA FOR THE PIANO (1957, revised 2007-08)  16:15
Stephen Gosling, piano

4. ESSAY IN SOUND for the piano (2011)  7:51
Stephen Gosling, piano

5. WHY DO YOU WAIL…/CE TE LEGENI… for soprano and piano (2002)  10:26
Lucy Shelton, soprano; Gheorghe Costinescu, piano

6. NINE PORTRAITS FROM THE WILD for soprano and piano (2014)  14:37
 Lucy Shelton, soprano; Stephen Gosling, piano

7. ONE-MINUTE TRIBUTE: 9/11/2001  Short film (2015) 1:23
The Lehman Percussionists, Gheorghe Costinescu, conductor and director;
photograph by Dan  

8. DOTS, LINES, AND PATCHES for recorded electronic sounds (1973),
with animated film by Michele Gagné (2013)  5:14

9. TAI CHI ON THE HUDSON for string quartet and animation  Short film (2015)  6:04
Drawings and direction by Gheorghe Costinescu
Voxare String Quartet: Emily Ondracek-Peterson, violin; Galina Zhdanova, violin;
Eric Peterson, 
viola; Adrian Daurov, cello

for piano and voice; excerpt from the stage work The Musical Seminar (1982)  8:30
Gheorghe Costinescu, piano and voice

11. ANIMATED SOUNDS  Short film (2011) 
Animation of composer's drawings on score with audio from live recording
Excerpts from the stage work The Musical Seminar (1982)  8:49
Recorded at the Tanglewood Festival of Contemporary Music; Marilyn Boyd DeReggi, soprano; David Hoose, conductor

Gheorghe Costinescu's music is published by American Composers Alliance (BMI).